Compny name:  TreeToScope

Location: Holon, Israel

Industry: Agrotech (agricultural industry)

Main applications implemented: Sales, support center, inventory, MRP, purchase, field service, repairs, subscriptions.

Number of employees in the company: 20

Number of users in the system: 9

Establishing the Roots:

Treetoscope was founded out of the identification of gaps in the farmer's need, a deep understanding of plant physiology and the extensive background in management and treasure business.

Solutions on the market did not provide a full response to farmers, were too expen-sive, did not speak the farmer's language, did not provide the desired value or provide a full response to all farmers and from this Treetoscope was launched. It was neces-sary to combine the physiological needs with a precise adjustment to the unique needs of the vast majority of the world's farmers.
​Our solution helps the farmer receive messages based on direct monitoring of water consumption from the tree trunk in real time and thus the farmer can reduce the budget and increase the bottom line and, in the process, save precious resources for the planet.

 Thanks to the unique combination of scientific knowledge, business experience and technological solutions, Treetoscope serves as a bridge between advanced scientific research and the practical needs of farmers. The company provides farmers with ad-vanced tools for monitoring, understanding, and improving plant growth processes, thereby helping them develop the yield potential of their fields.
As a company, Treetoscope is dedicated to changing the way farmers work and the new possibilities they get for improvement and optimization. It offers them unique sys-tems that help them increase their productivity in a more efficient, fast and attainable way.

Mission and Goals:

At Treetoscope, our mission is to revolutionize the way all growers approach irrigation by providing them with cutting-edge technology that delivers real-time, accurate in-sights into their crops' water requirements. Our goal is simple yet ambitious: to em-power all growers, irrespective of size, complexity, or region, with the tools they need to optimize irrigation decisions and achieve higher yields. We firmly believe that tech-nology like ours, capable of enhancing water use efficiency, should be accessible to every grower, contributing to sustainable water resource management in agriculture environments worldwide.

Pre-ERP Operations:

In the early days, Treetoscope faced operational challenges as our day-to-day pro-cesses were divided across various platforms. From customer support and services to ticket management, everything was managed manually, leading to inefficiencies, data silos, and limited traceability. Recognizing the need for a comprehensive solution, we sought an ERP platform that could bring all operations under one roof.

End-to-end Odoo system implementation - quick success and implementation of application after application led by SPOC on behalf of the client.

​According to Layline Tech's methodology for implementing the Odoo system, in the preliminary stage, a thorough gap analysis of the business requirements against the standard Odoo modules was performed, to go live as quickly as possible without unique developments and adjustments. 
Eshel Nitzan Chief Operating Officer with rich experience in the industry, leads the project with a high hand from the client as SPOC (Special Point Of Contact), studies the system in depth, uploads data, defines requirements and together with the Layline Tech team, checks the dedicated developments The minimums that were decided to be developed before going live. This joint activity, which was carried out mainly in online meetings, later turns out to be a key point for success.

The first stage of the implementation included the management of orders, inventory, procurement and production in order to enable implementing a process from order to delivery in a short time. TreeToScope uses subcontractors to manufacture its products, a topic naturally supported by Odoo. The supply of the products goes directly to distributors around the world and then to the end customers. The products are managed serially and consist of a BOM and within the delivery process it was necessary to address a critical point of serial tracking of the products that are in the field at the end customers and their operation. Order management, operation of price lists and subscriptions is conducted globally between sales teams scattered around the world (Europe, Israel and the United States), with the help of the system it is possible to gather all the opportunities, manage repeat orders and measure important KPIs.

In order to track the products in the field, a joint integration based on milestones was planned between the 2 companies (Layline Tech and TreeToScope), the first stage included the reception of products in the system as soon as the product is installed at the end customer field and the documentation of all the details about the product starting from the name of the end customer, the product installer and the distributor to the geographic location, The type of crop and the plantation where the product is installed. This data gives TreeToScope a broad perspective on the products installed in the field and enables advanced BI analyses.

The second phase of the implementation included a support center and the management of the service system. While learning the standard system and its capabilities, the second integration milestone was implemented, the focus of which was the identification of errors and their treatment.
After installing the product in the field, automatic service tickets are opened within the Odoo system that come directly from the products installed in the field and describe the type of error, the serial number of the product, the customer, the country and other data about the causes of the error.


 After opening the service ticket, the support team divides the service tickets between the support teams located in the world (support teams in Israel, the USA and Europe) and manages the entire service system through the Odoo modules. With the help of the geographic location of the product obtained in the integration, Treetoscope's field technicians can navigate within the system directly to the product and at the same time get a complete picture of the product data and everything from the system. Repairs carried out in the field are documented in the system and returns of products are carried out if necessary and reshipped, this system is carried out from the service ticket and gives a complete picture of the product's condition, the error and its operation in full cooperation between different users of the system.

​All product movements carried out in the system are documented in a standard Odoo traceability report that presents all the actions carried out in the system about a serial product and with its help you can know what the product's history all the way from its establishment is.

This ability that has been implemented allows TreeToScope to collect information and learn about the products purchased by customers and to improve the level of service and product planning.

This is where Odoo's natural advantage comes into play, allowing you to manage 360 degrees of direct activity with the customer from one place.

The system went live in a very short time, within a few weeks orders were placed for customers, production and procurement of the products were documented in the system and full tracking of the products in the field around the world is provided.

A few words about Layline Tech

Layline Tech was founded in 2015 by experts with over 30 years of experience in technology and business management, leading and implementing digital transformation projects in large organizations in various fields such as retail, manufacturing, distribution, logistics, telecom, government and public organizations.

​Layline Tech is a certified "Gold Partner" of the Odoo company, the "lesson" that leads us is Agility - finding and implementing simple and quick solutions offered to our customers based on the Odoo platform in the cloud.

​As Odoo gold partners in Israel, we offer end-to-end integrated solutions, ready for the digital world, cloud-based, open-source technologies, agile implementation with minimal risk. 
We bring a solid background and proven leadership in development, implementation of digital transformation and implementation, a strong combination of strategic thinking, business orientation, technology expertise and process management.

​The company's employees undergo professional training according to Odoo's methodology and tools, which includes Odoo's certification process.
Layline Tech developed the Israeli localization of Odoo Accounting and implements the financial module with its clients, to date dozens of projects have been carried out by the company in Israel.